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Friday, February 13, 2009

Rescheduled Birthday...Status Report #1

In honor of my rescheduled birthday, I just had to post this picture. Are these shoes not the cutest things you have ever seen? I love my emails from Neiman Marcus...they are filled with things such pretty things. I'm bumming around this morning which feels kinda nice. I'm sipping coffee, goofing off on Facebook, looking at Camp Pictures on Facebook, and thinking about what I am going to write later this morning. It felt kind of nice as 7:45am rolled around and I was not at work in our staff meeting. I am lucky to work with really great folks...especially those who are covering things for me today so that I can enjoy my rescheduled birthday. They seem to think I need a long I'm going to trust them on that.

My typical/perfect birthday gift giving fashion got me some Henry. A DVD and a mouspad. I think it is pretty cool that I have a pink laptop and a fab picture of Henry Rollins as a mousepad. I so feel a picture taking session in the making. I wonder if I am the only person who could write a blog that integrates cute pink shoes and a picture of Henry Rollins. I love this mousepad...nothing better than an intense picture of mighty rollins with tattoos and all. Swoon!!!

Back to the shoes...I'm thinking I will have to create a scene for Lolly when she has an opportunity to wear them. With a frilly, ruffly pink cocktail dress. What is it about ruffles? They are so making a comeback. I like that. I'm a fan. My fun winter scarf has ruffles...I was ahead of the curve on that. Hmm...I guess reading Vogue can do that to a gal!!

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