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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Progress on a Week Night??? (Word Count = 96,011)

Why yes...I inched up to 96K this evening after typing up my notes from this morning's coffee writing and adding some embellishes as I typed along. I have my fingers crossed that I can write more tomorrow AM too. We shall see. As I learned this past November, apparently a Venti Mild Coffee stirs the right inner juices to get word flow going.

It was fun this AM sitting in Starbucks watching snow flurries fall in the very early AM. It was so calming really. Sitting at a tiny table with a journal to scribble my "Lolly Friar" words into. It made for such a calm day. It is like my 30 minute writing sessions are like yoga or meditating. It is a springboard to a better balanced day. Here's to getting back to more regulated schedule where I can write.

PS - My rescheduled birthday is fast approaching and I am so excited. Lots of fun coming up this weekend too. Have I mentioned how glad I am that January is over??

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sisu twenty-twenty said...

you are so on the ball! i'm glad you're making time to write in the am...everyone gets centered somehow!