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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Week 5 - Indoor Tri (Swim 2, Bike 2, Run 2)

A little bit of snow still at the Soccer Plex...
This week compared to last week was a whole new was almost perfect.  For some reason, I have not been on my strength training game.  I'm starting to think that maybe it is because I am enjoying the swimming so much.  It clears my head in much the same way that strength training does.  I'll go with that.  I'm still happy with my progress this week.  Instead of strength training on Wednesday...I got some good quality time with the Elliptical Machine.  It felt really good.  The other thing I did this week was take my Rest Days.  It also helped I think.  

My one lesson...wasn't really a lesson at all.  It was a verification of what I did for the half and full marathon training.  I never wore was the hardest part of training.  On Thursday I wore my favorite high heeled boots...and then did a swim / run.  Big Mistake.  I will not do that again.  I am allowing myself to wear fun shoes...but I should not do so on days when I need to run.  Noted.  

I'm feeling really good.  I hit the Maryland Soccer Plex on Sunday AM for a nice run...the weather was perfect...shorts and tee shirt weather but there was still snow on the ground.  I loved it.  I saw VA Gym twice to get in two swims...I even had my own swim lane both days!!  This was also the first week that I had zero skips on my plan...all X's across the board.  That always feels good.  There is definitely a relationship now between my success in getting to the gym and the hours I put in at work.  If nothing else, the added two hours of travel to swim has helped me to prioritize my time better.  I think this is a good thing.

8 hour Work Days this Week (5):  Yep...Monday - Friday!!!

Week 5 - Nailed It!!!

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