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Monday, March 10, 2014

Week 6 - Indoor Tri (Swim 2, Bike 2, Run 2)

All in all it was a good training week...and just like that...I'm only two weeks away from the big event!!  I am excited.  My only nervousness is in the transition times between events...especially after the swim.  I need to do speed drills...I am too SLOW.  I was able to shuffle things around a bit this week given a crazier than usual schedule...and I managed to get every required workout done (and still work only 8 hours on 4 out of 5 days).  Even after working really late on Thursday...I still made it to Virgina for a good swim and run.  For the love of the beautiful game...I woke up extra early on Saturday AM so that I could get to the gym and have a good strength training workout before my first soccer game of the day started at 7:45am.

You would think that soccer fandom would cut into my training time...but now that the DC United Season has started up again...I will actually flip back to being even more on my game.  Especially on the weekends.  It is not just the motivation of watching soccer live...but in having to manage my time better.  I have to admit, the one thing that will be better about this season is that I will not be completely exhausted and struggling to walk for almost all of the home matches.  I never missed a matter how many miles I had to get...even 26 of them didn't hold me back. 

 8 hour Work Days this Week (4):  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday

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