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Thursday, March 6, 2014

That Other Thing I Do (Write...Right?)...

I have been thinking a lot about time...making better use of it...respecting it...trying not to waste it.  One of my friends called me out on something a few weeks I was talking about my training for the Indoor Tri...they said that it seemed like I was filling my time with yet another race instead of focusing on other things that I should be giving more attention too.  There may be a point to that...but there are worse things to fill my time with.  For example, working longer hours at work (been there and working to correct that) or consuming an enormous amount of carbs (been there and will not do that again).   As I get better at working only 8 hour days, I will have more time.  All of that time doesn't need to be soaked up on dates with Gym. 

So in the funny way life works, I ran into a work colleague today.  They also write.  They were pestering me about my writing.  They were insisting that I make time to do it everyday...even if just for 15 minutes...even if I am just editing.  I suddenly remembered...yes...writing...that other thing I do.  The thing I would love to do every in and day out.  The thing I really wanted to do when I grew be a writer/novelist.  One of my dreams.  Other than blogging...I am not doing anything to make it happen.  

This needs to change.  I know that if I work at it, I can do it.  I do have a track record for accomplishing my other dreams...

*  Get Driver's License on 16th Birthday
*  Get an A on my High School English Term Paper
*  Get a Government Job (to pay for school and to have health insurance)
*  Have a Job Keeping Important Papers Organized (I was a weird kid...what can I say?)
*  Volunteer at Camp Fantastic (and a few years get dinner time Med Line to run efficiently)
*  Finish a Marathon      

Why should being a novelist be any different?  There are (of course) other dreams on my list.  Your life should always be filled with them, right?  Otherwise...what is the point?  

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