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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What I know < What I don't know (Word Count = 15,042)

Yes...I know I should closing in on 21K words...but I have could be worse.  I have decided to not stress so much about the word count.  I'll write when I feel like writing.  If there are others things I would rather be doing...I'll do them.  It just feels better all around.  My novel is taking shape.  As with every November, I'm learning lots of things that I was not expecting too.  This is my first attempt at Young Adult my characters are in high school at that perfect age of 17ish.  Well...perfect for some.  It was one of my favorite ages...I got a car...I got a real grown up job...I got an A on my term paper...and I was in a hurry to leave high school behind.  I have written young characters before...but this is very different.  It is good to stretch yourself in new and different ways.  It is a completely different perspective.  I am having fun with it.

What I know so far...
  1. My girl hero is Agnes.
  2. My boy hero is Shane.
  3. Another boy named Jaren appeared in Agnes's Spanish class...who knows where this will go.  
  4. Agnes has an Aunt Ellen who is part mother, part big sister, and part best friend.
  5. Agnes's favorite teacher is Betty Torres...she teaches Economics and Business Law.
  6. Agnes is about to embark on a Junior Achievement student company adventure.
  7. Agnes may or may not be selected as the President of aforementioned student company.
  8. Shane may or may not have a huge problem with this; he thinks he should be the President.
  9. There may end up being two student company's - one "on the books" for school and one "off the books" because Agnes has big ideas and knows how to bring them to fruition.
 What I don't know so far... 
  1. Where the novel takes place.
  2. What time of year it is.
  3. What the name of the High School is.
  4. What Aunt Ellen does for a living.
  5. What Agnes's parents names are.  What they look like.
  6. What Agnes's style is.  What her favorite song is. What her favorite candy is.
  7. What the duration of the story is - a week, a month, a season, a year.
  8. What the name(s) of the student company's will be.
  9. This list goes on...and on...
I never let the details hold me back...I just keep all sorts out in the end.

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Pandora said...

1. Maine
2. Thanksgivukkah
3. Springvale High
4. Bakes pies for a living
5. Heather and Mark
Heather: Dark hair, blue eyes, tall, lovely smile
Mark: Dark hair, brown eyes, taller, always laughing
6. A random mix of Goth, Bohemian, and just comfy.
Christmas Wrapping. (Duh?)
7. Probably needs at least a month, if not three?
8. StarReach and Dream Achieve
9. Give me more... I Think this is helping me. EVen if it isn't helping you!