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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Week 14 - The Road to 26.2

Short Distance this Week...
And then there were 7 weeks until race day...the days are being checked off...and the miles are continuing to add up.  It was another good training week all in all...I had only one skip day.  I feel much more accomplished now that I have more X's crossed through my training plan.  I'm getting in strength training, swimming, and time on the elliptical for cross training days.  I am feeling really good during my shorter distance walk/runs during the week.  I'm sure I could be pushing a bit more...but I'm really trying to be cognizant of the fact that the week after a long distance walk/run is different then the week leading up to a long distance walk/run.  It is a mind game...your state of mind after getting 16 miles is different then the state of mind leading up to it.  It is part of the training.  On some level you make up your matter are going to finish.  And you way or another.

Just Like a Wavin' Flag...
The weekend included the need for 8 miles which I postponed until Sunday because I decided that being a soccer fan was my number one priority on Saturday.  My sister and I took a bus trip to New Jersey to see the New York Red Bulls play DC United.  It was an amazing experience...seeing the New York Skyline as we neared the final exit to the Stadium, walking from the pub to the stadium with all of the chanting/flag wavin' DC United Fans, chanting throughout the game, and continuing to chant even after we lost as some of the players waved up to us from the pitch.  I even got to wave a flag for awhile...which is something I have always wanted to do.  The evening breeze was definitely working in my favor.  Admittedly, my 8 miles on Sunday were horrible.  I ended up walking more than running for the last 4.  I felt awful.  I wasn't properly hydrated.  I had not had enough sleep.  But...I got them done.  I did not stop.  I pushed through...knowing that as I head into week 15...there will be 18 miles to get...and I will be ready.

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