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Monday, August 26, 2013

Week 12 and 13 - The Road to 26.2

Starbucks reward after miles on the board walk...
It is a double dose kind of update...there was a not so steller week (Week 12) and a stellar week (Week 13).  Despite being on vacation during Week 12...I did manage to hit a few marks on my training plan.  I did my walk/run on Monday, swam in the ocean on Tuesday (although not enough cardio to truly be able to check it off on my plan), and I did my required walk on Wednesday.  The rest of the week fell to pieces...I think it was mainly the fact that I was doing office work while away...and in the AMs when I would have been training...I was on my laptop.  And then I was on my laptop in the PMs.  And then in the evenings too.  It made me just a bit bitter...which was ridiculous...because I still had the ocean in view.  This was the first time in the 19 years I have been working that I took a week off to go somewhere.  So perhaps I just need to learn how to go on vacation properly.  I should do it more often...practice makes perfect right?   
Tired Nike + Sportband

The other complication was that I was worried I was getting a cold, so I tried to take it easy in terms of my workouts.  I definitely wasn't feeling in top form.  It is terrible to feel like a slug.  I decided to push off my long distance until Sunday...but I was not able to finish.  It was horrible...I got 2 of 8 miles.  I felt like a failure.  Even my Nike + Sport band was decided to stop working.  Not being able to get those miles scared me...maybe it is what I needed to get my butt back in gear.  With only 8 weeks until the marathon...there is no time to waste.  I need to focus on the work in front of more slacking.

Longest Distance Yet!!!
The lowly feelings of Week 12 fell away as I charged into Week 13 feeling motivated and ready to cross off every single item on my training plan that week.  I was back at work...juggling several things during 13 hour work days...but I managed to carve out the time to spend quality time with Gym again and get in my long distance walk/run too.  It felt awesome to check every single day off of my plan...knowing that I worked hard six out of seven days.  My 16 miles at the Soccerplex were super charged until about 14.5 miles...I ended up walking the last mile...but I did it.  I got my 16 miles.  The weather and atmosphere could not have been better.  Every soccer field was filled with either games or drills....the cricket field as well.  Teams waiting to take the fields were warming up on the grassy side areas.  Seeing all the families lined up on the sidelines sitting in chairs, chatting, taking pictures, and supplying snacks/water/Gatorade.  It was inspiring.  As I plugged away...getting mile after mile...I kept reminding myself about where I was physically the first time I visited the Soccerplex (exactly two years ago today) and where I am now.  I never would have imagined then that I would be training for a marathon.  Since that day...I have not only been consistently clocking time at the Gym but I have also gradually over these past two years expanded my world.  Following the sport of soccer changed everything...

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