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Friday, August 2, 2013

Back to the Basics...

Is it a slump?  Am I lazy?  Is it just another "off" week?  It is Friday.  I saw Gym last on Tuesday.  That is all the training I have done this week.  What is going on?  Am I that exhausted from getting a PR on my 12 mile Sunday?  I need to get my act together...October is just two months away!!  I know panic is biggest fear (like anyone) is getting picked-up off of the course because I am too slow.  So much of this is a mental game...and I have to push through all the noise.  I need to ignore it.  I need to visualize getting to the start.  I need to focus on two things ...on October 12, 2013 I will do two things...get my 26 miles and get to RFK before DC United kick-off at 7pm.  I can do this.  I will do this!!

I was looking for something today to help me get so go again...and I found it.  I was cleaning and filing some old emails and I found a bunch of pictures that had been emailed to me in 2011 from different events in May and August.  I still have much work to do...but I have really changed since then.  As I have written before, I went to a soccer game in late August 2011 and everything changed.  Everything.  I re-read my first blog about it - -  2011 World Changer - Soccer Fandom.  And just like that...the motivation returns.  The progress continues.  I never would have imagined then that in 2013 I would have three fitness related goals (walk 10 miles - DONE, walk/run a half marathon - DONE, and walk/run a marathon).  I'm excited that as I chip away at my last fitness goal...I will get see my most favorite soccer team start their season.   There is something magical about Ludwig Field...this is my favorite picture.  It was from the first game of the season last year.  This is my motivation.

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