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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Week 11 - The Road to 26.2

14 miles...Soccer Fields and Sugarloaf...good stuff...
And now we are passed the halfway point in training and I wish that I was at the frantic pace that I was at for the half marathon.  There are way too many "skip" days when I look at my progress...I have got to break through this slump.  Maybe it has been knowing that I had a quick trip to Chicago...and getting ready for a longer break at the beach.  Maybe it is because it is summer and your state of mind is just different. Maybe that is okay and I am stressing too much. The good news is...I was in good form for my 14 miles on Saturday.  In truth...pain started around 9.5 miles...but I kept pushing.  I kept up my walk/run intervals right up until the end.  Unlike the half marathon...I was able to keep running.  Unlike the half marathon...I could bend my knee the rest of the day.  I was walking gingerly and stairs took some finesse...but by Sunday AM...I was pretty much back to normal except navigating steps.  I'm focusing on the positive...I got through it.  I will keep getting through it.  One mile at a time.  

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