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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Work Before Play... Word Count = 10,070

Today was perfect. Vera Bradley had their 2011 Fall Launch today. I bought lots of things in Plum new favorite pattern and spent some good time with my Vera Girls. I had a fantastic day at work where I felt (as I usually do on a daily basis) so lucky to work with such a great team. I had a good writing session at Panera tonight with some NanoWrimo friends...I got 3K words in...which was fantastic.

As excited as I was to play with all my new Vera stuff, I told myself that I needed to get to 10K words before I could play with any of it. I left Panera with 9,060 words. I came home, brought in my shopping bags from the car and set them to the side. I needed to write before I could play!! I was tired. I was close to stopping. But music always does...a good song came across the ol' iPod Touch...and that 1K words came rolling out. Some really fun stuff actually. Good stuff. I'm back in the CampNanoWrimo Game!!

Here is the song that got me case you are curious.

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