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Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Seventh Win... Word Count =50,358

And there you have it, I have barfed out another 50K word shitty first draft of a novel!! I have 10 chapters and I think I need a few more to finish. This is definitely a different attitude then what I had earlier today. I was so annoyed at my novel and how slow it was moving that I thought I was just going to get to 50K words and then have it sit on a shelf like so many others. After chatting through the plot with my Mom and Sister, their interest and excitement was just the fuel that I needed to power through today. I wrote 7,113 words!!

This past month was a good writing challenge for me. It was really hard for me to write and after analyzing my daily word count data (thanks to my writing buddy M) it was pretty clear that almost all of my writing was done on the weekends. The cool thing is, it doesn't matter when you write it. The key is that you get it done. It always feels good to validate your word count and get the winning badge. It is even better when you can do it surrounded by some of your NanoWrimo Buddies. I am glad that I am liking this novel again. I like it enough to consider continuing to write it. To see it through to the end so that I can write the best words you ever hope to type. The End.

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Kelly V said...

I'm always proud of your amazing accomplishments!!! :)