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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Week 5 - The Road to 13.1

And just like that...another week goes by...5 of 14...I am almost to the half way point in training!!  I missed my walk on Monday because I was still feeling a bit sick...but the rest of the week was fantastic.  I really worked hard on eating healthy food and as a result I know my workouts were much, much better.  On Thursday morning, my trainer gave me a brand new strength training is perfect.  Lots of Core.  Lots of Arms.  Lots of power.  I felt so sore and so good.  Later on Thursday night...I did three miles on the treadmill and then speed/form drills.  Thursday's have always been my favorite day of the week...and it still is.  Friday night I had some good quality time on the elliptical...I still miss it so much...but I am glad that I have figured out how to get at least one session in a week.   I almost hate to write it, but I feel like a switch was flipped this week.  I feel better in everything I am doing. 
After looking at it on the kitchen table for a week...I also finally calibrated my new Nike + Sportband.  I went to my high school track so that I could accurately measure the distance...I have not measured my time while doing laps in a long while.  It was so easy using the clock on the my iPhone...crazy!!  In my usual 4.0mph stride...I was doing laps at about 3:50...which after 12...was 45 minutes...and 3 miles.  Data!!!  Look who is all about the data??  If only tracking my blood sugars could be this easy.  I have a feeling that if I could wear a cute pink bracelet that tracked my blood sugar diabetes management would be completely transformed. 

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