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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Running Low on Energy.... Word Count = 8,065

I was hoping to hit 10K words by the end of the weekend...but I am starting to get tired and I have to focus on soccer watching. I saw Real Maryland win their first match of the season (I think) at home earlier this afternoon. And now...I am watching the US Mens National Team play Canada. I'm fading fast...but am trying to send some energylegs to the boys. This game is not going anywhere at the moment.

I will tell you one thing that is going novel!! It is now a whopping 8K words...which is about 21 pages. My characters have names and have some adventures ahead. I'm really enjoying writing this one. I wrote about 3K words today...which is respectable. Given all the things I got done is pretty good I think.

A Sunday List of "To Do's" that are "Done"

* Laundry
* Writing Outside (see picture...all the essentials) - 1K words
* Strength Training at the Gym
* Real Maryland Soccer Game in Rockville
* Grocery Shopping
* Writing Outside - 1K Words
* Watching USMNT Play Canada
* Writing at Kitchen Table - 1K Words

And now it is time to collapse...I'm really proud of the fact that I did not do any of the work that I brought hom with me. It makes for a busier work week...but I say bring it. I am going to head to bed soon and will be ready!! I'm going to dream of all of the words that will spill out from my fingertips over the next week.

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