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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Does Everyone Have a Ted?

In the span of time before seeing Ted last night, I could not help but think about the power of a stuffed animal and maybe a blankie too.  My favorite stuffed animal was a Giraffe that I named Woo Woo.  I had a few of was quickly snatched up off of the boardwalk in Wildwood after I dropped him from my stroller.  One I got sick on.  I think I had three of them...maybe four.  I remember my Grandpa always talking about how after I lost the one in Wildwood a few months later we were strolling though Woodies and I saw Woo Woo.  A whole display of them...and I called out..."Woo Woo" with a longing of finding a long lost friend.  Of course they had to get him for me.  And then...not too long after...I remember not needing him.  I had not really thought about why.

I'm guessing it was sometime just before August 1980...because on August 5th my baby sister arrived. On August 6th, we met for the first time. When you find your best don't need the security of thing that crosses your path to get you ready for the real thing.

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