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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Darn Red Ball...

It was one of those long days...yep...another one. I capped it off with some time with my boy Gym. It was a strength training I was ready to de-stress by working my way through my sets. Some of them are even what I call the "Big Boy" side of the gym...the side where all the really intense guys workout. Not many girls are in that space...but I head over there now...with no qualms. That was not the case seven months ago. I am not intimidated...but that doesn't mean my clumsy nature will shy away. Yep...I had one of those embarrassing "joy" moments.

I should start by saying that when I was younger my Grandpa always talked about this sign that he saw when he was in his late teens. It said something along the lines of..."the moment you begin to think you have ripened is the moment you begin to spoil."  I think he was channeling this to me today.  I was starting out my first set...leg press, lunges with arm extensions out to the sides, and then crunches with weights on the red ball.  I should say that the red ball and I have our moments.  All of my gym accidents...which usually result with me doing some awkward slide and then landing on my right knee or the front part of my right leg...involve the lovely red ball.  Planking with toes on said red ball, feet on the bosu with plank out on the red ball, and now the simple crunch have resulted in my awkward ungraceful splat to the floor.  The splat is usually followed by an "Oh Crap" or a "Grr" case you were wondering.

So now, back to spoiling.  On my second set...I was working through my lunges and a guy was now using the leg press I had just finished using.  He was struggling...and the weight was the same as what I had been working with.  This made me feel so strong!!  As I did my last set of crunches...I was feeling pretty good.  Pushing through...thinking that I was pretty damn smooth.  And then...after my last one...the red ball went shooting out from under me.  I awkwardly slipped and fell to the front of my right leg...which is odd...because I was on my back on said red ball.  I have a talent for weirdness with that darn red ball...and there are always witnesses. 

So here are some theories on why I had a slip off the red ball today...

*  I was eavesdropping on the conversation happening behind me
*  I was thinking how great I was...all balanced on the ball...doing crunches with 10 pound weights...and looking pretty good while doing so
*  I was wondering what I was going to wear the next day...and then which shoes
*  I was distracted by the guy working out in front of me (really nice arms are hard not to notice)
*  My grandpa was reminding that I am not that boss...and that I need to keep my head in check
*  All of the above

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