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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Look Who Is Writing.... Word Count = 5,009

My first write-in at Panera was very, very good to me. 5K words in my brand new novel. Happy Happy, Me Me!! Since I need to fuel up with some dinner...I am cheating a bit and getting straight to my list. Here are some things that I learned no particular order...although the first bullet point is the most mind prepare yourself accordingly. And...following the list...please find my favorite line from today.

Things I learned today...

* According to Ben's textbook on writing...fiction must contain ideas...

* My main character is afraid of elevators.

* My main character does not get along with her sister or her parents.

* My main character uses the Metro to get to work.

* My main character lives in an area that resembles Rockville Town Center. Wait...maybe it is Rockville Town Center. Her apartment number is 417.

* My main character is named Louise. I don't know her last name yet, but that is okay.

Favorite line so far....

"Her mindset was infectious, can you catch desperation?"

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