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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hello Summer...

So just like is the end of June.  What the heck happened?  Summer is slip sliding along...and I must say...I am really enjoying the weekends.  The work weeks are really busy busy busy...but when I get to Friday...I put the blackberry away and truly enjoy each and every moment.  Sun.  Swim. Soccer watching.  What more do you need?  Oh yes, spending time with my boy Gym.  And then throw in a couple of really good shows (Foster the People and Keane) and a Camp Weekend...and that sums up all the fun I have had in June!!

Oh right...and remember how I was going to write 50,000 words this month too?  Yeah...that did not happen.  But...the writing bug is still there...and July starts maybe...I will get back to it.  Or maybe not.  No pressure.  If I feel the urge, I will go for it.  There are no rules when it comes to Camp NanoWrimo...and I miss writing with my buddies.  

Is it obvious what my fear is?  Why I haven't written much?  I am worried that all of the changes I have been making since September will fall by the wayside...I know it is silly...but I really worry about it.  There is much more work that I need to do in terms of getting healthier...and I feel a constant struggle between wanting to do more to be healthy and wanting to write.  I just don't think you can have it all...but maybe it is that you just can't have it all times.

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