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Monday, January 2, 2012

Measuring the Year...

Many moons ago there used to be things that I wanted to do but I never made the time. I could not figure out how to carve out additional space between work and school to do them. Balance...and I am still learning...and not having school really helps too. I still remember the feeling of really, really wanting to go to a show...ahem...picture it 1988 (I think?) hearing George Michael's concert on the radio live from the Capital Center. I so wanted to be there...and the 11 year old me vowed then that when I could...I would never miss a show that I desperately wanted to see. I knew that someday I would be brave enough to seek all the things I wanted out of life. So that is where one of my year measurements stems year measured in ticket stubs.

As I pulled together the some of the ticket stubs from 2011, I was pretty proud. After an incredibly tough start given all that was going on, I managed to pile together quite a set of experiences. Many of which were brand new like the opera, a musical, and then the whole soccer thing...the credit for those go to my best friend/sister (E) and my good friend (C). I was reminded that when you get one of those emails that asks if you want to something that puts you out of your comfort should go for it. Your whole life might forever changed.

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