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Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Power of Five...

There are a few things that make me giddy like a little kid... 1) Snow, 2) New Years, 3) Glitter, and 4) My Birthday. As you can well imagine, it is no mystery that January is one of my favorite months...because all four of these things can sometimes be obtained during the 31 days of the month. I'm excited for the week ahead because my birthday is on Friday...lucky 13!! And...for the first time ever...I am taking the day off. A 4 and a half day weekend is on the horizon for me...and I am totally ready!!

My most memorable birthdays tend to always be when the number 5 is involved. My fifth birthday rocked...I had a fun party with Zio's Pizza...I got Cowgirl Boots and a Speak & Spell. I felt like Queen of the World!! My fifteenth birthday was very special because my Mommy gave me a diamond ring. It meant alot becuase it was one of the first things she bought herself when she went back to work in the early 80' she got it at Garfinkles. (Note to self...I can't wait until it fits again..soon!!!) My twenty-fifth birthday was amazing...a night of fun with good friends dancing and flirting at Lulu's. A birthday can never be bad when you end up at a diner at 3am for pancakes. Oh yes...and I remember there was ice skating too.

So, as my thirty-fifth birthday approaches I am excited. I have always had a feeling about being 35...I think it is the power of five. It means that good things are happening!!

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Kelly said...

Happy Early Birthday Joy!! I've been dreading 35 a little bit. It just SOUNDS soooo much older than 34, no? I will have to adopt some of your optimism.