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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Panera - Twice in One Week

So I think I am officially back into noveldom...I have been actively working on my July Novel and it feels really good!! I am starting the new year off right...write?? It has been awhile since I have worked on it and I have a terrible memory when it comes to my writing. I have been known to forget the names of my main sad is that? I am a flighty writer!! My next step is to read it so that I can remember all the holes I need to fill. Plus, this will help me to get the mojo flowing for how I am going to wrap it all up. This is typically the point in my noveling process where things completely breakdown. It is at this point where I typically print it out and then it goes into a pretty Vera Bradley binder that then gets placed on a shelf. Will this one have a different destiny?

I am using a new writing tool called Scrivener which allows you to have all kinds of fun noveling things in one place...the text (which can be organized in infinite ways), notes, character descriptions, setting descriptions, and anything else you need to get it done. I'm excited because I think this is really going to help me with dissecting my current work in progress and breaking it down into pieces. I have already imported my July novel into Scrivener...just seeing it organized chapter by chapter is helpful. My next step is going to be reading each chapter and chunking it out scene by scene. That is something I have never done before. I'm kind of excited to see how this goes.

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