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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Week 6 - The Road to 26.2

Lilly keeping my Powerade Zero Chilly...
It was not the greatest week of was not the worst week of training...but I am excited to move on to Week 7.  My focus points for Week 6 were to 1) get to bed early, 2) eat healthy, and 3) get outside on Saturday to get those 9 miles.  So...let's say that I think I went to bed earlier...but I am not entirely sure.  I did not have the greatest nutrition week and I did not get outside on Saturday.  But the good news is...I did 9 miles and my knee felt pretty good!!  Even though I didn't hit all of my goals...I learned a few things.  1) Doing my stretches in the pool is awesome...I think I may be hooked.  My range of motion was insane...and it helped in making me less sore on Sunday.  This is going to become part of my regular routine for least until the marathon.  2)  My Lilly Pulitzer Lunch Tote fits perfectly in my gym bag and keeps water and powerade zero perfectly chilled.  YES!!!  3)  I was reminded to let my intuition guide me.  I made a decision to cease my PT appointments.  Once I learned all the seemed like more time away from my training plan then I was willing to spend.  The appointments after work meant I couldn't train after work.  Getting up super early every day of the week is just not practical given my long hours at work.  It was stressing me out.

That is the key point...the whole reason why I am training to get the miles and why I spend time with Gym is to help me manage my stress (and my T1 Diabetes).  It is key actually.  My job is crazy...and I love it...but my escape from the crazy comes in mainly two forms - - my time at the gym/training and watching soccer.  I'm embracing taking the extra time in other ways.  I never used to be disciplined in my I have some strategic moves...and I'm using them as "zen moments" before and after workouts.  All in all...I feel like I'm headed in the right direction.  I can't ask for more than that.

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