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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Week 8 - The Road to 26.2

My sister knows just what to do... when is the summer haze going to lift?  It was another not so stellar week in terms of training...I don't know if it was the heat or the fact that I have a bunch of things all happening at once or maybe both?  I have not been bringing my A Game these past two weeks.  I had a six day hiatus from seeing Gym...SIX DAYS!!!  I was back on track by last Friday...with some quality time on the elliptical.  Fun on Friday night and Saturday late AM plans meant that my 10 miles needed to be delayed until Sunday.  Sunday is supposed to be a rest day...but with lots of things happening the next few weeks...I'm going to have to make my long distance day on Sunday instead of Saturday.  As long as I get it done...that is all that matters...right?

I finally put all of my long distance training walk/runs in my calendar so that I can manage my weekend schedule more efficiently.  There are limits to what you can do when you need to walk/run 12, 14, 16, 18, and 20 miles on a particular Saturday (or Sunday).  Yes...these distances will all happen before the marathon in October.  It is crazy to think that the longest distance I did while training for the half marathon was 10 miles.  I'm both panicked and excited to see how I progress through these miles.  I am so slow...but my hope is that it won't matter...all I want to do is finish.  I need to get these 26 miles.

As I keep plugging away at the training, there are lots of things that keep me motivated.  Every like and comment on Facebook.  Every favorite and reply on Twitter.  Every text message that I get while on my long distance walk/runs.  This past sister sent me a text (she is in Grey, I am in green)..there is something to be said for sibling ESP.  The miles didn't feel as horrible as I thought they would, but they could have felt better.  I was chipping away mile by mile...but getting her note gave me extra "energy legs".  Counting down the last of the 10 miles helped...obviously I was on a treadmill...hence my ability to actually reply.  It amazes me how much support you can feel even if just electronically.  I feel like I always have someone cheering me along from the sidelines...even though I get my miles all alone. 

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PinkyGiraffe said...

Woohoo, can you believe it. Last year at this time could you imagine that you would have completed a 1/2 and now on your way to a full?????? So proud of you! Thank you for all the inspiration.