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Friday, January 28, 2011

A Four Letter Word...

I have been meaning to blog since a long while back because there was so much fun to amazing Thanksgiving and Christmas. Trips to Annapolis. Shopping. And then everything changed. Late in the evening on the eve of Tuesday, December 28 something bad happened. Our biggest fear. The one thing we were working really hard to prevent. A massive stroke.

It was a bad one...I know there is really never a good kind of stroke to have...and believe do not ever want to have one. But you don't EVER EVER want to have one affect the left is...devastating. The previous two last March and April were a cakewalk. I have to Grandma is a rockstar. With tremendous deficits she still smiles...she yearns to walk...she yearns to talk...she is just freaking amazing. And it is this amazing spirit that must be hereditary because in terms of Mom is even more freaking amazing.

I don't want to sugar coat things...I think that writing to cope is going to help. I feel this overwhelming need to write about all of these new experiences, especially since as a family...many of the things we are learning and dealing with are things that were our biggest fears. The things you think "I could never do that" are the very things that shape you into a better person. Even if you have no energy and feel that are you are running on empty...there is this fuel that drives you. I think it is a four letter word that starts with an L and ends with an E.

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Kelly V said...

Joy, I am so sorry to hear of your Grandma's stroke. So very sorry. The L-O-V-E you and your family show each other is absolutely beautiful and inspirational. Your Grandma is very blessed to have you and your mom and your sister in her life, as I am sure you all are blessed with her as well. You are in my prayers.