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Friday, January 28, 2011

Day One - Welcome Home!!

It hit me long before the big event on December 27th that there is a beautiful story in witnessing the circle of life. I love reading about my friends becoming parents and grandparents...and it occurred to me that taking care of people you love is a universal experience. One that you can relate too...even if you are not a parent or a grandparent. As a granddaughter I have been lucky to care for my grandparents...but it does not compare to the touching experience of watching my mother really and truly care for them.

2010 was a year of changes and adjustments for my family...and 2011 has not started without this same theme. As I was driving to CVS tonight it hit me...bringing Grandma home today was like bringing home a new baby (well...from what I remember when my sister came home, reading facebook, and blogs - Kelly V especially). You are scared. You are nervous. There is much shopping to do. There is a feeling that your life is going to change...because it amazing ways that you could never predict. And...there are new toys!!

So, in the spirit of my love of is a list of some of the new toys we have...

* Hospital Bed
* New Wheelchair...ahem...which may have pink on it
* Oxygen (I learned a lot about this tonight...I feel like the family expert on this one!!)
* Air Mattress and Pump
* Transfer Board
* Ramp
* Hoyer Lift
* Foot Pillows
* Lots of Pillows, Flat Sheets, Bed Pads, Blankets, and Pillowcases
* Oral Swabs
* Many, Many More Prescriptions
* Cute Puppy Stuffed Animal with a Rose in His Mouth

Hmph...who would have thought I could write a list that did not include Vera Bradley?? See...these are the life changes I was just writing about.


elizabeth said...

your grandma will have the best care ever, with that team looking out for her. thinking of all of you...

Kelly V said...

I think we have some of the same things on our list! ...But Grandma's food is probably preferable! ;)

Sounds like she is in good hands. Blessings to you all!

(p.s. - thanks for the shout-out!)

Joy Wizziwa said...

Thanks Elizabeth...knowing that a few people read this really helps too. I'm finding writing is really helping to sort all this out. :)

Thanks Kelly!! Oh...if only the food was better...puree diets are challenging...and we are trying out some baby food too. Once we get a schedule going I know my Mom will get her culinary genius going to cook yummy things and then puree. Hmm...I feel another blog topic coming on. ;)