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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Neat Finds...

I am addicted to purses...there is no denying it...but not every single one has to be Vera Bradley. I feel in love with a great store in Annapolis...Vivo!. The store features works from local artists...and there was a purse I just had to have. It had owls!!! And being that I was there in November at the end of National Novel Writing Month...a few thousand words away from 50,000 words I had to get the painting too. I love a good inspiration...and the pink and teal were so me. I also bought a few journals. I'm excited to go back soon to see what other things I will find.

A cute store tucked off the beaten path of Main Street whose cute heart sign outside of their door lured me in..."Shop Local, Eco-Friendly, Fair Trade, Handmade, Recyled, and Vintage". I sort of had a shopaholic moment while there...especially since I had just been to Lilly Pultizer. I was on a high. I kept finding more and more things that I wanted. The store reminded me of how the truly special things are hand made...and how amazed I am at the creativity of people. There is great power in being able to create things with your hands. I don't have those skills...but I am happy to support those who do.


Deanna said...

It's taken me this long to find your blog via the Vivo! facebook page. I'm the designer that made your purse! I'm so excited to hear that you love the purse just as much as I loved making it :)

Deanna (handmade by deanna)

Joy Wizziwa said...

Deanna!!! I am so glad you found me...I finally found your card from the purse and was going to email you to let you know how special the owl purse is to me. :)