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Sunday, May 16, 2010

OGYST - Week 19 in Review

Overall it was a really good started off with a really big boost. My fitness test revealed that I have made tremendous progress in my work at the gym. My trainer was thrilled. So that made me start to believe that I have actually made progress. My blood work and my fitness test measurements all showed improvements. OGYST is working!!!

Operation Getting Your Shit Together - Week #19

1) Exercise Five days a Week - Done...was at the gym for 3 lifting days and 2 cardio days. Was really happy to finally get back into the game. Love my new lifting routine.

2) Follow Weight Watchers Online and Log Points - Done. Had a few slip-ups but all in all it was a good week. I think I need to eat a bit more at lunch...that will help me to not be so hungry at dinner time. We will see how that goes. Low blood sugars during cardio workouts are still a big I need to incorporate a bit more of an afternoon snack on those days.

3) Leave Work no later than 5:30pm Most Days - Done. I worked later than 5:30pm only one day this week. And took Friday off...which was much needed.

4) I Control when I Look at the Blackberry - Done. I look when I think I need to look and I am generally spot on. It is scary. I really only had one day that I had trouble managing how stressed I was. Not bad.

Upcoming Week Expected Highlights - Get back on track in terms of keeping a blood sugar log. Increase cardio workouts a bit...try for three days in the week.

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