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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

OGYST - Get Some Go Again...

To switch things up a bit, I have been contemplating a new set of focus points. I had set some in early 2010 to help in OGYST (Operation Getting Your Shit Together) and after the past few weeks of utter stagnation...I decided to refocus. So here is my list...with only one repeat...because...well as you may have figured my priority always rises to the top. Hence #4 below. ;) Well and #3 too...but that one is new.

1) Exercise at least five days a week

2) Follow Weight Watchers Online and Log Points

3) Leave Work no later than 5:30pm on most days of the work week

4) I Control when I Look at the Blackberry

So we will see how things go. I'm back in the game folks...prepare to astounded by my diavista awesomeness. ;)

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