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Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 8: The last normal week?

Half Marathon with Friends!!
Week 8 of 20 is in the books.  My required long miles were extended by one so that my friends and I could do a half marathon on Saturday. It was the perfect day for it...and my motivation was undoing everything at the pub later while watching soccer.  I got to the gym every morning and did my 4 miles without fail.  This may be the last week that I will make that least the getting to the gym part.  It wasn't until today when I was re-reading my surgery forms that I realized, I am probably going to have to improvise on my morning routine.  I may not be able to get to the gym, but I will figure out how to still get my miles.  I'm starting to think about other washing my hair and driving.  Do I really know what I am in for?  Can you really ever know before you really get there?  I have decided to keep rolling with it...take each thing as it comes...and keep moving forward.  Try not to think too far down the road.  Go moment to moment.  You life the way you always matter what you have to face.

Week 8 Data

Total Week 8 Steps:  117,530
Total Week 8 Miles:  52.61

Total Overall Training Steps:  852,141
Total Overall Training Miles:  375.72

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