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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Week 7: Breadcrumbs...

Nope, this is not about carbs.  This is about the trail of goodness that you follow by searching for one thing that leads you to something even better.  One thing leads to another.  The getting of miles always feels good, but what feels even better is all of the music I'm discovering.  I love how my searches on Spotify lead to places that I could have never anticipated upon my first search.  On Sunday, I felt the need for some Henry Rollins.  Music and Spoken Word.  I searched Rollins Band first.  Liar.  Ghostrider. Then I searched for Henry Rollins and found a great song he did with Marcus Blake called Arrogant Girl.  And then...I found an incredible version of Lonesome, On'ry, and Mean that he did for a Waylon Jennings Tribute album...which was filled with fantastic interpretations.  Guy Clark's version of Good Hearted Woman.  Norah Jones's Wurlitzer Prize. All of this of course led to the rest of my 4 mile journey with Waylon Jennings with some Willie Nelson from time to time. This has been my motivation on those mornings when I would rather sleep.  I think about not having my time with my music...and I get some go.  I'm wondering if I should start to put together a playlist for my 26.2 miles.  I should probably figure out my route first...marked with breadcrumbs.

Week 7 Data

Total Week 7 Steps:  107,182
Total Week 7 Miles:  47.22

Total Overall Training Steps:  734,611
Total Overall Training Miles:  323.11

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