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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Week 21 - After the 26.2

Post Race Awesome...
Post Race has a really nice ring to it. I am on the other side of those 26.2 miles...still figuring out how to write about it.  If I even can.  It was so perfect.  It was bliss.  I just want to hold it close.  Maybe there are some things that are so wonderful you don't need to write about them.  I think this is something that I may have just realized.

It was a good week...I hit every mark on the training plan...which I guess isn't a training plan anymore?  In the days just after the legs were really stiff if I sat still too long.  I wasn't sleeping well, but I wasn't really tired either.  I thought I was going to be exhausted, but I wasn't. I made it to RFK to watch DC United play after the race.  I was out and about walking around Baltimore the next day...just with a slightly slower gait.  My knee was an issue but it was only bothering me a tiny bit.  By Tuesday, I was taking stairs with no wincing.  I was back at the gym, feeling fantastic.

I was really looking forward to getting my 2 miles on Saturday AM at the Soccerplex.  Only walking, no running.  I could definitely feel myself tire as I was making my way around the trail that has become like a home away from home.  Funny to think 2 miles were exhausting after clocking much longer distances.  With soccer games and practices surrounded me as well as the pitch where my love for soccer began, I was beaming...just like on race day.  It is a really special place...and I'm pretty sure...I will keep getting miles there...even though the marathon is over.

The next set of miles begin...

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