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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Week 20 - The Road to 26.2

Just one item left on the list...
The last week of training was was more mental then physical.  As I looked back over my tattered plan full of purple X's, I felt really. really happy.  There was much work.  It was measured.  It was sequential.  It was fun.  I enjoyed every moment. The many miles.  The much hydration.  The much great music.  The surroundings...the Maryland Soccerplex was the perfect home for all the long Saturday mornings hitting the pavement.  Every Friday night when I had to choose to not have as much fun as I would have liked to have.  All the lovely shoes I decided not to wear to be sure my plantar faciitis would not be an issue.  It was all worth it.

Packed and Ready to go...
On Thursday, I was re-reading all of my training notes...all of them had so much more context.  I was listening to my "Final Miles" playlist over and over. As I left for Baltimore on Friday...the bliss continued...I was calm.  After all of the intense training, I knew that I could do it.  I had developed all the possible race scenarios in my head.  I knew I would get the miles, the amount of time and pace did not matter.  I just wanted to finish.  I knew that I could finish.  I stopped to soak up the last minutes before leaving...all of my stuff piled together ready to hit the road.  All of the pieces together in one place.  20 weeks of work ready to be tested.  There were only hours between me and the starting line.  Ready, Set, Go... gym bag has jewelry...all my lucky charms!!

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