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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Week 19 - The Road to 26.2

I used the stove!!!
Deep Breaths.  Week 19.  The marathon is almost here!!  I hit every mark on my training plan...with slight adjustments to the number of miles.  My knee is still twinging...even when I just walk normally through the day.  But I have set my mind on the fact that I will get to the starting line no matter what.  I got a new strength training workout on Thursday much core...which is so what I need.  My trainer and race day buddy and friend Stacy K. said that I should not do any strength training the week before the race (insert my sad face here - nothing makes me feel more like a bad ass than strength training).  So the next time I do the new workout will be after the marathon.  This is actually how I classify anything on my schedule now...before marathon...after marathon. 

There have been so many moments over the past several months where I have stopped myself to take things in.  These flashes of time where I slow down and realize how different my life is.  When I have two different pairs of Nike's in my gym bag for the same day.  When I synch my Nike + Sportband and watch the number of miles accumulate (I have been averaging more than 50 miles a month).  When I look at my legs.  When I jump out of my seat at soccer games to cheer.  When I run up the stairs.  When I run.  When I used the stove this past Saturday AM to warm new inserts for my running shoes.  I used the stove.  I warmed inserts for shoes.  I stood for two minutes to immediately shape them for use.  I then rocked three miles on the knee was not even an issue.  It all feels really, really good.  There are just days now between me and 26 miles.  I will walk and run through one of my most favorite places...around three bodies of water!!  I will be calm.  I will be focused.  I am ready.

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