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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Week 3 - The Road to 26.2

Week is that possible?  Well, technically it is Week 1 for me actively following the 20 week marathon training program...but it is the third week of the plan.  There was a bit of overlap with the half marathon training...but here I am...officially training for a marathon in October.  It is happening!!  My knee is much better and I just need to do some PT...still need to get that scheduled...maybe I will have to leave the office on time or earlier then usual.  Yep...there are worse things!!  I was happy to feel fantastic after my 7 miles yesterday.  It felt really, really good...and I was put at ease.  My new kicks are wearing in nicely...Nike+ band is up to 126 miles logged...and I learned how to treat a blood sugar low without stopping.  It was a good week.  During my seven miles my blood sugar dropped at around 3 miles...I treated with my Gummie Lifesavers...and like clockwork...15 minutes later...I was back at full power.  Because I was a bit panicked...I took a few extra.  Here is what I learned...I should pop a few every three miles...I surged with energy.  I walked faster in those later miles.  I ran faster in the those later miles.  I think next Saturday I will put this plan into place and see how I do.  That is what training is about.  Testing different things so that on game day you know what to do.  We are off...the road to 26.2 has begun!!

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