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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Put down the clipboard...

I am a planner...type A, list making, organizing, coordinating, and implementing.  I am a get'er-doner.  I call it being the one with the clipboard.  Make note...when there are many things that need to get done...there is usually someone with a clipboard.  The clipboard might be in virtual form (ie Crackberry) or invisible...but there is always someone thinking about all the things that need to happen.  One step ahead (or two or seven).  That is me...the person with the clipboard.

My life used to be work, school, and helping to take care of grandparents. was work and helping to take care of my grandparents. was work and helping to take care of my grandma.  And then it was just work.  It is very different now...I have lots more time for fun and different kinds of work.  I'm scheduling around soccer fandom...time with friends...time with family (see soccer fandom)...time with my boyfriend Gym...and then there is this whole training to walk 13.1 and then 26.2 miles (see Boyfriend Gym  - many more hours are spent with him).  This training thing is no joke and it is an entirely new experience for me.  It has added more things to my list...long distance walks...sleep...nutrition...better diabetes management (mind you...this should have always been on my list)...and did I mention sleep?  I'm so tired...and sore...most of the time.  But if feels really a strange way.

My weekends are all about the long distance walks...since I am takes me a few hours...and as the distance increases...those hours increase.  I always think that I can just plan things out...but I have found...stuff happens...plans get jockey'd around...and then even better things happen.  Maybe you don't always need a clipboard?  The fun of the unplanned.  Two weekends ago I had my heart set on getting down to the Tidal Basin to do my long distance walk...and then I was just going to go and write...and then I just didn't get there.  Different fun happened in a different sequence...not at all according to my original plan.  So I ended up going to see the Cherry Blossoms after work the following Tuesday...when the blooms were at perfect peak.  I escaped the office earlier than usual...sat on the steps of the Jefferson Memorial...took in the was pure bliss.  I know that you can't do everything you want to...when you want to...but that is okay...I just need to remember to put down the clipboard (sometimes).

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