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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Smile and Let Your Hair Down...

It will be two years in March...and it still seems like yesterday when we spent those last few months with Grandma.  They were probably the most hard moments we had ever faced as a Mom, Sister and I.  When those feelings of extreme missing hit me, I turn to one  I head to the basement and pick a box and then let the old photos remind me of all the fun we had with Grandma (and Grandpa too).  Grandma's Birthday was on I headed to the basement to see if I could find a picture that I hadn't remembered seeing before.  I did.  This one really captures the perfect smile of my Grandma...she was always cheerful and happy.  She always took good care of me.  And she always told me that there were two things that I needed to work on...1) smiling more and 2) wearing my hair down.

The good news...I have been working diligently on both.  Despite my name, I was pretty serious as a kid and as a teen and as a young adult too.  I'm growing into being more carefree and working on smiling more.  I have also spent the majority of my life wearing my hair back a ponytail or a bun.  I'm making progress on there too...I actually wear my hair down more days of the week than I do up.  Although, I do keep a hairband at my desk at work...I just think better when it is pulled away from my face.  I know Grandma would be okay with is still down...technically...and being productive at work makes me smile one supports the other.  I think she would be happy at the progress.

I miss her so much...her bravery...her style...her heart...her laugh...her cooking...her smile...her everything.

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