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Monday, January 28, 2013

One Mile at a Time...

So I made two big walk a half marathon in June and walk a full marathon in October.  I now know where my focus will be for 2013...and as scared as I am...there is great excitement as well.  This commitment is going to require me to be disciplined in many different aspects of my life - nutrition, hydration, glucose control, strength training, endurance training, and work/life balance.  All pretty important things...and having harped for years about needing to do all of them...this is my last ditch attempt to truly do it.  I will have to do these things to get something I want.  I want to walk 26 miles.  I will have to do it within 7 hours.  I have not ever had to confront my Type 1 Diabetes to get something I really wanted.  Actually, if I did, I would just avoid it altogether by deciding it wasn't really something that I wanted in the first place.  Not this time.

This time, the fear is my fuel. My original walking goal for this year was to walk 10 miles.  I'm already walking 7 about aiming low!!  I have thought about walking a marathon for many, many years.  So much so, that it made on my short list of life goals.  Every time I would tell someone about it, it would be my Type 1 Diabetes that was my excuse for not doing it.  As my walks started to get longer and longer...I decided it wasn't so impossible.  Maybe this was exactly what I needed to go after something that I see my health as a barrier too.  So, I am chipping away at mile at a time.  It is happening.  I am going to walk 26 miles.

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