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Sunday, January 20, 2013


Another year older and happy to have it...may they keep piling on one after another.  Each one gets better.  Each one is filled with more fun and less stress.  Each one...I feel younger, not older.  It is a gift I think.  I was an intense, serious kid...I mean...sometimes I think I really was not much of a kid at all.  My reward...being less serious with age.  I think it is a good deal.  I have no regrets.

It was a fantastic birthday...filled with fun with friends, a surprise cake (it is worthy of a separate blog entry...stay tuned),  lovely/sparkly gifts, spa time with my mom and sister, fun messages from all those I care about, and watching my favorite EPL team win in one of my favorite pubs...on my birthday.  Every birthday should start off with a cider in a pub while watching footie on the telly.  It was a good day.

One of the sweetest gifts I received arrived from was a charm.  I have never had a charm bracelet...but now I do.  It all started with a Texas Boot Charm from one of my bestest friends N.  I see it and I am reminded about going after your dreams, never giving up, and believing in yourself.  All pretty important things to have in life.  I'm glad that I have a best friend (big sister) to set such a great example.  My Mom had some butterfly spacers that she gave me...just because.  Butterflies are important...they remind  me of my Camper Chassity...she flutters around watching over me...and reminding me to just go after whatever I want.

With a few pieces in hand...I went to off to the store trying to think of other charms I might want to help fill in  a bracelet...which I also needed to pick out.  I decided to keep with a theme of things to inspire me.  Things that encompass what I truly enjoy.  So the two other charms I selected were a laptop and a running shoe.  They seem pretty obvious...the laptop because I love to write (and do is true) and the running shoe because my time with gym is vital to everything I do.  I may not run...but I love to walk...and one of the crazy ideas kicking around in my head is to walk 26 miles.  I'm still thinking through it...but it doesn't seem as impossible as it used it.  And...I'm really...I can do anything I put my mind too.

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PinkyGiraffe said...

LOVE this post, you made me cry. I love how you have done the bracelet and now we have matching running shoe charms. I'm right there to encourage and support you in your quest to walk 26 miles. I know you can do it!!