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Sunday, November 25, 2012

So close...but so tired.... (Word Count = 39,342)

I started the day at 30,000 words...I started writing around 3:30pm this afternoon...I wrote close to 10K words today!!  Pretty darn good.  I had really wanted to get to 40,000 words before my head hit the pillow...but I am zonked.  I did lots of writing...thanks to a write-in hosted by two of my nanowrimo buddies...I had really good luck with the words.  My story took an unexpected turn and that always helps with words.  I feel like I am grooving right along now.  The worry and stress of getting to 50K words seems to be less now.  I know, my goal for this year was actually to get to 65K...but I changed it.  At the end of the month, I will be glad to have partipated this year...and won.  I think this will be my eighth time wining.  Every year since 2005 except last year...but last year I did write 50K words in the month of July for I still count that one. :)  Here is to the rest of the month filled with words and fun adventures...not necessarily in that order.

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