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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Oh is November (Word Count = 25,045)

Why is November!!  And yes...I am still noveling!!  I am a bit behind, but that is part of the fun.  The frantic writing in those last few days of November are my favorite part.  Most of my words have been born at Panera during Word Wars and while hanging out with my NanoWrimo buddies.  Perhaps I should explain, a word war is typically 15 minutes and we all try to write as many words as we can.  We flip an hour glass and then it is go time.  I usually clock about 600 - 800 words in a typically war.  My goal is to get 1,000...I'm still working on it.  That would make my whole November to reach that goal this month.  I never would have thought that I would be the type of person who would love to write around other people, but there you have it.  My new routine of going to the gym in the AM has made this month's noveling possible.  I'm glad that I figured out a way to balance both of my hobbies.  And...I'm not going to lie...I am loving the Panera sleeves for their coffee you can guess why!!  In my continued quest to write from different places, I'm even thinking about taking my laptop with me to the next Maryland soccer game on Sunday..a 1,000 words in 15 minutes at Ludwig Field?  That would almost be as wonderful as if it snowed.  I'm thinking there would be all kinds of inspiration for really fantastic words.  

This November has not been without some writing complications...there have been many distractions and scary moments.  I have had an exhausting cold for over two weeks that has slowed my time with gym and my word count too.  There has been
lots of in College Park, Germantown, Philly, and at RFK.  There has been work...which always seems to be crazy, busy.  There has been a fun weekend in Virginia Beach with one of my campers and her family.  I even managed time for a walk/run on the Beach!!  There has also been a data loss scare. read that right.  My Netbook crashed after a super productive writing day.  I had clocked 5,700 words...I stopped to take a nap...and when I cracked upon my Netbook to get in another 2K or so words...a blue screen appeared.  I was calm.  I tried to be zen.  I never back up my work (I know, I know).  If I lost 2 or 3 draft novels, it would be own fault.  Luckily the Geek Squad came to my aid and was able to save my data.  My Netbook was I bought a new laptop.  The hardest part was the fact that I loved all the NanoWrimo stickers I had artfully arranged on my Netbook.  Yep...that is me...I was mourning the sticker loss...

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