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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Don't Fear the Chicken...

So this happened tonight...I combated one of my biggest fears...I cooked chicken!!  All by myself!!  I am not savvy in the kitchen...I do the dishes, I microwave, I make coffee, and I make toast.  I can scramble eggs and make hot dogs too...but that is the extent of my culinary abilities.  I know, not really culinary...and abilities...well that may be a stretch too.

In my quest to keep getting healthier, I knew there were still some areas where I needed help.  So, I enlisted the assistance of a dietician to help me hone my intake to allow for better blood sugars, better eating habits and to get to my goal weight (or at least in the next bracket).   In attacking goals over the past year, I have learned many things.  The main lesson has been not being afraid to ask for help.  Sometimes you need a team to support you along the way.  You don't have to do it all alone.

My team just grew by one.  I have been lucky to find people who "get" how I work and what motivates me.  In meeting with my dietician tonight (yes...she takes a late appointment because she understands my crazy work life), she honed in on exactly what it is that I am working towards.  It instantly established this level of trust.  Much like when my endocrinologist looked me in the eye last September and said, "I know you can do this."  It clicked for me...the switch was flipped.  I know I can do this too.

The proof is in the picture tonight...for whatever reason...I have always been afraid to cook chicken.  Tonight...I did it.  I took raw chicken and cooked it so that I could have a healthy dinner.  I actually cooked three I have some for lunch and/or dinner tomorrow too.  Turns out, I really can do this.

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