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Sunday, October 30, 2011

On the Way...

I have been so lax in my blogging...but it is because I am working all realms of life. I had one of those banner days yesterday which has spurred me to blog rather then post a bunch of snipits on Facebook and Twitter. I started thinking about a post that I had written back in May 2010...this was just before my whole life was about to take many unexpected turns. Link to the post from May 2010 Turns that took me off of my OGYST "Operation Getting Your Shit Together"...but the truth is...I knew that I was going to get back to it...but only when I could really focus on it. When I really wanted to get back to it, which magically happened at the end of this past August.

My fondness for lists is going to bring you the following...a list of things that made yesterday so great:

1) Snow: I love any form...sleet, slush, doesn't matter. It is magic. It is beautiful. It makes me feel like a giddy, little girl.

2) Gym - Part 1: My personal trainer (who I haven't worked with since May 2010) stopped me and reminded that I had one session left and asked if I would like to schedule something. It was perfect timing because I was just thinking that I needed to add strength training back into the mix. I thought S had given up on me, turns out, I think she has been waiting for me to be ready too. I'm sure she has noticed that I'm back in the game, I'm clocking time at the gym 4 - 5 times a week now.

3) Gym - Part 2: All my spa girls where greeting me with enthusiastic hellos and cheers as I walked by on my way to the locker room. It is so motivating...I love that my gym has a spa and how magically all of my favorite people have ended up working there - R, M, and S. They remind me that I am beautiful inside and out.

4) Friendship: I was able to spend quality time with my bestest friends, N. Next to my sister, I think she ranks as one of the most positive influences in my life. It always helps to have a guide who helps you through all of what life throws at you. As we were chatting it, it occurred to me that she has been a constant through most of my "pivotal" life moments. And it is strengthening to know that she always will be...

5) The Beautiful Game: I have written before about how following soccer has helped me in becoming a better me. Watching the University of Maryland Men's Soccer Team is inspiring me to work harder. I'm learning more about leadership and strategy. I'm learning about how important being part of a team is. I'm being reminded about motivation and vision. I'm changing as a result.

I'm on my way it seems, to wherever it is that I am supposed to go. I always have been, but I feel like I am getting closer. And I'm starting to accept that you don't get there alone...

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