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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Plum Petals...Vera Addiction...

I would like some credit for not having purchased ANY Vera Bradely in well over a month...that is pretty good for me. I should get a few extra points for not getting a Stadium Blanket...the colors would clash with Maryland's colors...and I don't want to look ridiculous. The Winter Collection will be released on Thursday and luckily I do not really like any of the new patterns. Trouble is...there are always new designs of bags and new products to reel you back in. So, I have a strong suspicion that I will be making a trek to Tiara this week...probably on Thursday to get a few Plum Petals...because I am still in love with this pattern. Here is what I am thinking...with my rationale for each purchase noted of course.

Hatbox Cosmetic - I need a make-up bag for my other gym bag and it is imperative that all accessories match. I can't use a Sittin' in a Tree make-up bag with a Plum Petals Grand just doesn't make sense.

Tech Decals - Every phone, netbook, laptop, and iPad should have some Vera swag. Said swag can encourage writing and how can that be bad? November is approaching and I have a new novel waiting to make its way out through my fingertips.

Coasters - One must always protect the furniture...enough said.

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