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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Over a month...Really?? Really??

So, have I really not blogged since August 7? Is that even possible? The good news is that I have been busy...busy at work and busy at fun. Busy at things I never would have predicted the last time I blogged. August was very good to me in all the ways that I needed it to be. Time to rest. Time to reflect. Time to serve. Time to get my groove back. There are lots of things that I want to write about...but packing them all into one post won't do each of them justice and I want to spend some good quality writing time crafting them. In the meantime, I thought I would write a list...because I am crazy for the lists.

Life List - Stuff from August through Mid-September

1) Taking a week off from work and having some time away across the Bay Bridge was great...even with a crazy sunburn.

2) Being at Camp Fantastic was amazing and I really felt challenged this year to work even harder. All the love and good vibes packed into an amazing week are the fuel that keeps you going all year long. For the first time ever, I was completely out of communication with work. It was the best thing I could have done. Ummm...and of course I bought a Vera Bradley Bookbag in Plum Petals for camp this was even held my clipboard!!

3) Easing back into work after camp was easy and the truth is...I still have my "camp high". I have spent a lot of time working on focusing on one thing at a time and not getting overwhelmed...even if 10 different things are flying towards me. This is hard for me to do...but I am still at it...and for the most part...keeping everything in perspective. Calm during an earthquake...even I know you can't control everything.

4) Catching a University of Maryland Men's Soccer Game at the Germantown Soccer Plex has completely changed my life. My sister's idea for something to do on a Friday night has opened a whole new world to me. I am now a soccer fan. The game is poetry. It fuels the writer in me. Watching it is teaching me to be a better me. This team is headed for great heights...with an incredible spirit, hard work, and a Coach who does it right. I am psyched to cheer them on all season. I'm officially a Ludwig regular!!

5) Seeing Stevie Nicks was one of my bucket list items. She is one of my favorite song writers and she killed it. Her words always get right to the core of it. Love her!!

6) Going to the Sound of Music Sing A Long was much more campy than I would have thought...but even introverted me got into it. Who doesn't want to hiss when the Baroness is on the screen. Oh Captain, My Captain. You and your silly whistle. Truly one of the best movies ever. If you are ever feeling lowly, just listen to "Climb Every Mountain"...instant motivator.

7) Kicking some Type 1 Diabetes butt by getting to the gym and getting my swagger back feels really good. I'm working hard so that I can run/jog a 5K (Becca's Run) on October 1. The perfect way to start my 24th year as a Type 1 Diabetic. Feeling pretty good these days...good numbers...I love that!!

I know that much of the above is due to the fact that we are closing in on six months since Grandma has been gone. Healing is a process and there are is no timeline...but I know that she is proud...of numbers 3 and 7 especially. Moving is the only direction to go.

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