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Monday, October 31, 2011

Best Night of the Year!!

So, it is my favorite night of the year. The night before National Novel Writing Month begins (NanoWrimo) I am beyond giddy at the prospect of writing madly for one month straight to have my 8th...yes that is correct...8th NanoWrimo win. In my typical novel writing style, I have a few things sketched out in my mind. Mainly a title and a basic idea for the premise of my story. I don't have names for my characters. I don't know what they look like. I don't know what kinds of adventures they will go on. I don't know most of the things that that are going to happen to them. I don't know the things that are going to stand in their way. Lots of unknowns...but that is how I like it best. Just like life...

What I do know is that I have a bunch of music that has spurred the premise of my novel What I also know is that I am not writing a chick lit novel either. I'm going back to my writing roots...the sad stuff. The stuff that epics are made of. The hero's journey. I am so excited!! I have often said that when I am happy, I write sad stuff. When I am stressed, I write happy, flighty stuff. So there you have it...judge if you will.

In mere hours I will embark upon a new journey with a bunch of people I haven't met yet. How cool is that? It is just like that feeling you have when you think you might be about to embark upon something fantastic. An inkling of good things being just around the way. That is how I feel right now...the true writer's high. As life high...

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