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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Life List (Week 1): A new normal...

There seems to have been something about getting past the three month mark. This week felt like things were starting to fall into place with the new normal. I know when you really think about it...there is no "normal" in life. But for right now, I feel like the next phase of my life is starting to take shape. It is filled with all things I love...working hard, relaxing, shopping, writing, and going to the gym. It was a perfect week in all regards. It was so perfect, that as I reflect back I feel the need to make a list.

Life List - Week of June 19th

1) Recieved an email from one of my good friends which really got me in gear...the reminder that I promised to run the entire course of Becca's Run...with no walking. She is the big sister that I have never had.

2) Got back to the gym...starting on Sunday afternoon...felt amazing.

3) Took first swim of the season.

4) Read and Relaxed in the backyard...the new lounges are my most favorite thing. Even fell asleep for a bit. The backyard is a renovated version of what has always been heaven to me.

5) Wrote something for work that the boss noted as changes to content...I was really proud.

6) Began to plot out my next novel...counting down the days to start CampNanoWrimo on July 1, 1011. Yes...I'm going to write another crappy first draft of a novel during July.

7) Had a great conversation with the first friend I ever made at work...talked music, life, and love.

8) Saw one of my previous bosses and it was rejuvenating. The memories of where I have been and where I am now were overwhelming...we just couldn't get over how amazing it was to see each other again. It was like no time had passed. I felt so loved. We were such an amazing team...I still can't believe she took a chance on a kid who had just graduated high school.

9) Made plans with my J Girls and Rabs to go hiking next Saturday...followed up with a Spa Day. A perfect start to a three day weekend.

10) Took a 3 mile walk with my Mom and Sister before heading to Leesburg Outlets. Did really well...of course I got some Vera Bradley (Folkloric Coastline Tote - perfect poolside bag), Juicy Couture (cute dress with ruffles), Ralph Lauren (fab jeans and nautical tee), and Nike (running shorts, tee, and super thin socks). Shopping with my two favorite people is always fun.

I am starting to feel better all around...more like me...a new version of me (OMG...I just went a little Felicity there didn't I?). And it's not just because I am still getting compliments on my new "sassy" hair do...even after three weeks. I think I am starting to notice that I'm healing. The crazy times of March 2010 until March 2011 have made me into a better me. A new me...and I hope both Grandma and Grandpa really like what they see.

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