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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Year Two...Let's Get it Going!!

Nothing like an appointment with your endocrinologist to help you set things in perspective...and to really help you hone in on the next set of things to fix about yourself.  I set out a year ago to completely transform how I manage my stress and have better balance...I pretty much nailed it...for the most part.  There were a few tenents - going to the gym, eating less food, and watching soccer games.  All of these things helped me to lose over 30 pounds, get stronger, lower my overall blood sugar levels, take less insulin, and have fun interests outside of my job.  Going to the gym and watching soccer games sort of go hand in hand...both get me out of the office and help me to forget about said office...even if just for a few hours. 

At the end of the month, I hit the 25 year mark for being a Type 1 Diabetes.  It seems after all of that time, I have finally decided to take on the hardest task.  Checking my blood sugar regularly...which means more than once a day.  The number that comes up on the screen has such a power over me, I know that it shouldn't...but it does.  If it is a good number, then it means I am a good person.  If it is a bad number, then it means that I am a bad person...not doing all the work I need to do to make it a good number.  To avoid that feeling, I just don't check it.  But I am going to get over that.  The level of my blood sugar should not define me or have any bearing on my feelings of self worth.  I need to be stronger than that...

So my goals for the next year are focused - -

1)  Check blood sugar more than once a day
2)  Continue to make healthier food choices, but track calories and carbs better.

Make no mistake, there may just be two goals stated...but that first one is a huge hill to climb.  But I am ready to climb it...I will climb it.  I'm thinking of it as is my job to check my blood sugar throughout the day.  It is my job to track my intake of food better.  If there is work to be done, I will get it done.  That much I know...


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Elizabeth said...

Joy, if your number is high, it means you are an excellent person with a high blood sugar at that moment. Having measured it, you, being the excellent person you are, will now take care to get it (safely) down where you want it to be. You are always a good person. No sugar reading can change that.