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Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Quiet Rainy Day...

Even though Grandma is not back still helps me to keep writing about things. You still have moments that you want to capture and remember. There are observations that come from the different settings. In some ways, I am starting to wish that I had started blogging about all of these things much earlier on this rollercoaster ride. There are some things that don't change throughout the Grandman is a champ, sweet, a trooper, and a total people pleaser. I think my Mom described her perfectly yesterday...she is the Energizer Bunny...she will keep going until the battery runs out. It is clear that things are slowing down...but she is still rallying. It is a testament to her character and strength.

We had a pleasent Saturday with lots of sleeping and rest. We lost the chair we had in the we justified our carb heavy lunch and afternoon snack because we were standing most of the day. We had a visit from Father Val...who has popped in to see Grandma from time to time during our various stays at the hospital and the rehab hospital too. He has a fantastic Irish accent and always wears was amazing to see Grandma respond to his voice. Even though we are not particularly religious...he came in and blessed Grandma. He said "Love You" and gave us all hugs. Grandma smiled...I think it was comforting. It was for me...I'm not going to lie...a tear or too fell...I think it was relief.

Even though every dance in this space is different...there are many similiarities to our experiences with Grandpa. Some are irksome and maddening. Others are amazingly beautiful. It is hard work for all. This is no place for whimps.

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