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Monday, February 14, 2011

Catch All Post....

I am behind on my blogging but mainly because it is just so hard to know how to blog about everything going on. Especially when you don't really know what is going on. The rollercoaster continued last week...the long and short of it is that Grandma is out of the hospital and back in a Rehab Hospital (the one where she was this summer). She is fightening an infection and needs to be on IV Therapy...we could not do that at home. Our goals are to keep her comfortable and loaded with plenty of TLC. So, our time is clocked at the Rehab Hospital instead of at home. Many times it is just watching her sleep...but when she wakes...she has a loving, familiar face to greet her. Have I mentioned how amazingly strong my Mom is lately? We just go moment to moment...that is all you can really do.

I hate to say that the past many weeks have taken a toll, but they have lead to a few amazingly funny stories. It is pretty hilarious what happens when you are running on empty. It also pointed out that the short respite we took on Sunday Night and Monday Morning was probably a good idea. I need to blog about that one next. ;)

So a funny thing happened on our way to the Rehab Hospital on Saturday...we left my sister on the curb. I kid you not. It was not until my Mom asked a question and she did not answer that we even noticed she was not in the car. I looked in the backseat from the rearview mirror...and it was empty. Can you imagine? My mom always used to say that after she had my sister her biggest fear was forgetting that she now had two children and that she would leave my sister at home. Well, it finally happened...30 years later.

What do you think we did when we realized that my sister was not in the car? Panicked? No. Worried? No. Laughed our asses off? You guessed it!! We were in tears with laughter by the time we turned around to head back to get her. How in the hell did we do that? We just got in the car and did not wait for her to get in and I just drove off. We are so lucky she didn't get hurt. We chalked it up to just how bad off we are at the moment. It is taking a toll...but we can still laugh our assess off about it!!


Kelly said...

HA! Loads of stress and lack of sleep will lead to this - but that's pretty darn funny. Hope your sis shares the same sense of humor! Imagine if your mom hadn't asked your sister a question on the way home?!

Yeast Infection said...
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