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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Favorite Day of the Year...

If I was really being honest...I probably have more than just one favorite day of the year...but today is definitely one of them. It is the only day that stands in the way of opening up my laptop...creating a blank page...and writing a new novel (or at least a crappy first draft of one). At midnight...November 1...the journey begins. Novel writing!! I am so excited!! kind of a side note for today. The real celebration is that it is the last day before I become entranced in a story that I hardly know at this point. Characters who are vague notions in my mind. I will be driven by word counts. Inspired by songs. Clocking lots of hours at Panera. Today is the pre-game show...filled with anticipation before I take the field.

The only real planning I have done is to start my notebook for this year...which is a cute Vera Bradley notebook (in Java Blue) that one of my good friends gave me for Christmas last year. I have also started my NanoWrimo 2010 play list...which is filled with songs that I think are going to help me write this year's novel. That is if I think that I am actualy going to write the novel that I think I am. The muse has a way of messing with that..and that is one of the most fun aspects of novel writing. You can't possibly know where things are going to go. Not if you are doing it right!!

There has been one story baking in my brain for so many years...I want this year to be the year that I turn it out of the pan and onto the page. We will have to see...

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